500Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter

Complies with HomePlugAV, IEEE P1901
Mini size housing
128-bit AES encryption and Implemented power save mode(75%)
Supports QoS and multiple IGMP managed multicast streams(IPTV)
A wide range of plug type including EU,UK, AU and US
High-speed data transfer rate of up to 500Mbps and transfer distance of up to 300m  


P-PL313 takes advantage of household existing electrical wiring to create or extend a network. No additional wiring required, users can easily realize to establish networking infrastructure and extend the existing network. With a maximum transfer rate of 500Mbps to a cable length of 300 meters, now, users can enjoy ideal HD video streaming, online gaming and VoIP where power outlet exits.

P-PL313 supports 128-bit AES encryption which protects the powerline communications from attack and interfere. It has the mini size housing. P-PL313 also supports QoS which prioritizes data and ensures smooth video streaming, online gaming.