54M High Power Wireless Outdoor Access Point

  • High Power and receive sensitivity design to boost your signal coverage and link speed
  • Optimized performance for Ultra-Long-Distance wireless transmission
  • Power over Ethernet for flexible deployment
  • PW-AG221D

    The 2.4GHz 54M High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE PW-AG221D is dedicated to outdoor long distance wireless network solutions. It integrates the functions of a Wireless Access Point, WISP Client, Firewall, and NAT-Router. It features high output power and high receive sensitivity can significantly extend the transmission range to reduce dead spots and to deliver a more stable wireless connection.

    The PW-AG221D provides four operation modes for multiple user enviorment: AP, Bridge, Client and Reapeater. In AP mode, it can access the Internet via an ADSL/Cable Modem and act as an access point. In Bridge mode, it joins in a WLAN by bridging with other WDS devices. In Client mode, it works as a WISP CPE.  In Repeater mode it expands the existing WLAN.

    The LAN interface supports Passive PoE can supply data and power in a single cable. Antenna Alignment, throughput monitor, Ping Watch Dog, Link Speed Test give you more flexibility to manage the network.
    This AP supports switching antenna mode in Horizontal-Polarized, Vertical-Polarized, adaptive and external detachable antenna.