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PROWARE Launches Energy-Saving Unmanaged Switch Series Introducing Green Technology

As a professional OEM/ODM supplier of networking and communications products, PROWARE has now become an innovator of energy-saving networking products and launches energy-saving switch series, including 5/8-port Gigabit Desktop Switches(M-SG1005D/M-SG1008D), 8-port 10/100M Desktop Switch(M-SF1008D) and 16/24-port 10/100M Rackmount Switches (M-SF1016/M-SF1024).

PROWARE Green switches automatically detect a device’s link status and reduces the power usage of ports that are not linked. When detecting a link down, they can reduce power usage effectively without sacrificing network performance. PROWARE Green switches also automatically detect the cable length and adjust power consumption according to different cable lengths.
In addition, PROWARE Green switches support IEEE802.1P QoS (Quality of Service). With this feature, PROWARE switches can reserve bandwidth for important applications that require a larger bandwidth and have high priority, such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), online games or video conferencing.