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Welcome to PROWARE at Computex Taipei 2009

PROWARE would like to invite you to our booth at Computex Taipei 2009 (June 2-6)  in Taiwan to see the new and exciting networking products that we have to offer. This year PROWARE will display a series of the latest core products, including ADSL CPE, WIRELESS MODULES and other Wireless Lite-N products. 

At Computex Taipei 2009, PROWARE will introduce the following key products:

Wireless N / Wireless Lite-N ADSL CPE(MD-W8961N / MD-W8951N)

PROWARE launches its Wireless N/Wireless Lite-N ADSL CPE integrating various functions of a DSL Modem, Wireless Access Point and 4-port Ethernet Router, providing a fast, pleasing way to access the Internet without cables, for work or fun. The Wireless N/Wireless Lite-N ADSL CPE supports WPS, allowing users to enjoy a safe wireless Internet more easily. It also supports TR-069, which helps ISP provide centralized management services better than ever. Better still, the Wireless N/Wireless Lite-N ADSL CPE provides QoS, IGM Pand Port Mapping, keeping pace with emerging applied demands, such as IPTV, or Lag-free Online Gaming.

In addition, we are launching new versions of Wireless G & Wired ADSL CPE with new housings and compact hardware designs, which better serve ever increasing DSL market needs.

Wireless Modules / Wireless Lite-N Products

PRWOARE introduces Wireless Modules with multiple solutions and Wireless Lite-N new products.
The Wireless Modules include 54M USB Module (M-WN321GM), 54M Mini PCI-E Adapters (M-WN390G/391G) and Wireless Lite-N Mini PCI-E Adapters (M-WN791N/797N). The M-WN321GM in particular, is designed with 4-pin connector and its miniscule size is applicable to various needs of system integration. The Wireless Lite-N products includes 150M 1T1R Wireless Lite-N Routers (M-WN741N,M-WN747N),150M 1T1R Wireless Lite-N USB Adapters (M-WN721N,M-WN727N), which is more powerful and cost-effective.

PROWARE: The Reliable Partner

Owing to 13 years of independent R&D experience, extensive manufacturing capabilities and various product lines, PROWARE has become a professional OEM/ODM vender of high competitiveness in the networking product industry. From design, to manufacturing, onto delivery, all of our production processes fully comply with international standards using streamlined production to ensure that your needs are met quickly and efficiently.

PROWARE cordially invites you to visit our booth at Computex Taipei 2009(June 2-6) in Taiwan to experience the latest products we have to provide and share in our most recent achievements. We provide the best product advisory service in real-time, let us be your most reliable partner and help you find the best solutions to meet your business needs. 

For more information visit our website at www.prowre.com.cn.

Computex 2009, Taipei
Our Booth: N410
Taipei World Trade Center