We began independent production of networking & communications products in 1998 and have since accumulated abundant manufacturing experience.Regulated procedures, advanced equipment and hard-working staff are the key to keeping our manufacturing and production system competitive. These factors ensure that all parts of the production process are under active control, maintaining product quality and cost control ensuring that our products achieve the best performance to price ratio, thereby giving our OEM/ODM customers the most competitive product for their money.


  • Area: 275,000 m² (69.2 acres)
  • Employees: 16,515
  • 137 SMT lines, 311 SMT machines
  • Annual Capacity: 180 million units
  • Daily shipping quantity: 480K units
  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 issued by SGS United Kingdom LTD

Quality Control System

  • QC Staff: 365
  • FQA Lot pass rate  (Final Quality Assurance) ≥ 98%


  • Yamaha YV100II SMT machine
  • Juki KE-2050M and KE2060M high-speed SMT machines
  • Agilent ESA-E 9KHz-13.2GHz series spectrum analyzer
  • Agilent 300kHz-6GHz transmission/reflection network
  • analyzer Agilent ESG 250kHz-6.0GHz vector signal generator
  • Smartbits 6000B
  • Smartbits 2000
  • ND5000E
  • Solder machines * 3 sets
  • Re-Flow * 10 sets